Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Decorations on a Budget? No Problem.

This is going to be my first Christmas in my house and I am so excited and really want to make sure everything is perfect this year. I have friends coming over for Christmas dinner on Christmas Day so it is really important to me that the atmosphere is bang on. Truth be told I have been getting my living room decorated professionally so a lot of money has gone into that and with Christmas just around the corner I am going to be decorating on a budget but making it look as good as possible! Here are a few of my finds for all of you girls living in the UK looking for a bit of inspiration.

B & M

This shop lately has really got me loving it because if you take a really good look you will find items that are selling at triple the price outside of this store and they are exactly the same. They have a whole lot of Christmas decorations and the one thin that I found that I am quite happy with is Christmas Trees. They have some super cute small ones in black, white or green and only 9.99GBP. They also have some cute dresses for women that I actually saw someone selling online for 30.00GBP when they have them in for just 12.99GBP, they will look great for Christmas Day.

Home Bargains

Have the best decorations I have spotted if you need to do this all on a budget. They have these big colourful glitter bows that will give your tree that extra added festiveness. Theres not just baubles but some great looking ornaments that you can place on your fireplace or by your Christmas tree. Who said you have to spend loads to make everything look great this Christmas?

TK Maxx

Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore this shop and the reason is because it is so different and brings items from all around the world. The great thing is that they bring a lot of festive decorations from US brands and we all know how awesome they are at doing the holidays. The wreaths in there at the moment are absolutely beautiful and the best part of it being an outlet is that you get a designer item for less than 50% off the original price.

What is your favourite store when you are Christmas decorating on a budget? Let me know.

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