Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to take Advantage of Black Friday

Black Friday is a great chance for you to take advantage of some great sales for your Christmas shopping list but if you do not treat it right, it will take advantage of you. Just as a regular sale does, Black Friday is an excuse to push customers to buy more or buy things they never really needed. When looking at any sale you really need to sit and think for a minute do I need it, did I have any plans to buy it or will I actually use it. Asking yourself these three simple questions should hopefully give you a reality check if you really should go ahead with the purchase. You can't really go wrong.

Black Friday has been known to have some awesome offers and if you are organised like me you will already know roughly what you are getting people for Christmas or something that you need, so browse on them websites and keep an eye out for the Flash deals or them online vouchers. I do all my shopping online anyway, I find it less hassle and less stressful and to be honest with you them videos on the internet that show you what goes down on Black Friday make me even more want to stay at home and avoid ''fights''. Some websites actually tell you what to expect or have already started their sale leading up to Black Friday.

Write a list
Whether that is a brand list that you are interested in or items that you need to buy. If you have the list in front of you it will help you search the items quicker and find them because don't forget you are not the only one looking fora bargain.

Use a Cashback Website
Doing this helps you save even more money. I personally use Quidco which I have been so pleased with because it has vouchers on its Website for each store and as long as you click through their website to get to the online store you want to purchase from you earn cashback.
If you want to see more check out my referral link here you will even get a 5.00GBP bonus from just signing up.

The most important. Do not forget that you still have a budget, make sure you write it down before you shop. It will honestly be the best way for you not to be left skint by the time Black Friday is over. Budget each persons present total cost, budget the total amount spent etc.

January Sales 
This is not going to be the last of the sales. Wait until January sales if it can wait. January sales will be much better and Black Friday is just an excuse to push people to buy even more before Christmas.

I hope my tricks and tips have helped you guys out! Happy Shopping! 

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