Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Birthday Vibes and Update

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say it was a pretty awesome night thanks to everyone. I had a dreaded 5 am shift and whilst most people would prefer to not be at work for their birthday, I don't really mind since work is my second home with the amount of hours I spend over there. The thing is I seem to be getting older statistically but I still feel like I am 18 years old, its like I have been placed on pause even though technically I am now 26. Its scary to think that I am 4 years away from becoming 30 and I am finally starting to realise the meaning of that famous Peter Pan quote that goes something along the lines of ''I don't want to grow up.''. 

The one thing I absolutely adore about birthdays in the UK is the cake. I hate the way in Greece they have a patisserie style cake because when it comes to desserts I am so British. Give me apple crumble and custard or in this case a lovely birthday cake with jam and buttercream in the middle that is covered in icing. Moving on to gifts, boy I must say I have been spoilt and I am so grateful for it. From house gifts to back massages to food and of course lots of beauty items. The great thing is I have plenty of stuff to show you guys hopefully in time for me to start some more Youtube videos. 

Talking about Youtube videos, basically I miss doing them so much because they allowed me to interact with my audience a lot further than Blogger does and I used to love that. I have been uploading a couple of walkthroughs for games on the Playstation however I miss doing my beauty tutorials and sharing my tips with you guys virtually. I am working on it but of course with me being in the UK I need to buy new equipment to help me get them going so I am currently in the middle of getting my hands on that.  

So to sum things up birthday and update wise, I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages and gifts and I hope to very soon get a chance to actually speak to yous guys via Youtube. 


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