Monday, 23 January 2017

3 Tips for Healthy Eating Motivation

I know this post may seem a little late to you but it really is not. Most people have started some sort of resolution on New Years Day however the truth is that with most new years resolutions, not a lot of them stay. Its all about thinking correctly and not pressuring yourself to a certain start date. You need to naturally motivate yourself slowly and all of a sudden you will be back in the game. I have a few tips and tricks of how to get motivated for healthy eating that work for me and hopefully will for you as well.

Do not follow necessarily people that post photographs of their bodies because everyone's body is different and yours will never look that way. Its not because you can't achieve its because we are all different and lets not forget not a lot of the images are actually the way they are portrayed to be. I tend to follow pages that contain healthy eating recipes for meal ideas and motivation. Even if you actually posted what you eat, its a good way to keep you on track.

There are lots of fitness bloggers on Youtube that show you what they cook/eat and even better their grocery shop. When you find the one that suits your lifestyle and way of thinking then all you need to do is hit subscribe and stay up to date with what they are doing and again motivated. My favourite Youtube videos are vlogs that show you them doing their grocery shopping and then what meals they make out of them at home.

Planning Ahead 
Plan before you go grocery shopping what you are going to buy and what meals you are going to make out of it. Most of healthy eating contains vegetables and fruit so if you do not eat them in time they will need chucking out which is a shame. If you work, plan what you are going to eat on your break or make in your packed lunch the night before. Sleeping away from home? Take your food with you if you know you will not find it at the place you will be at.

Think about what your goal is and work on it gradually. Eating healthy is hard because it requires time and organisation - if you lead a busy lifestyle this can become difficult. There is always a solution to everything and there are lots of companies on the internet that can deliver to you fresh food or snacks based on your dietary requirements. My plan is to slowly replace the naughty foods that I eat with healthier ones and train my body to get used to foods that I would not eat normally. My big aim is to get into nuts. I know it sounds crazy but I envy people who eat nuts since they are such an easy healthy option that can be in cooperated into meals or just snacks. They do not need cooking and are therefore super easy to have on standby. Watch this space guys...

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Let me know if you have any tips and if this guide was useful to you.


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