Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Walk Along Seaham Beach

I have either grown older and wiser or shows such as Game of Thrones/Vikings have made me admire the British outdoors so much because before I used to think it was all just plain ugly and depressing. Well, actually it still is depressing but I would describe it as beautifully melancholic. A walk along Seaham Beach which is located in the North East of the UK always brings me a sense of calmness because the beach we go to there are very few people there and all you can hear is the sea.

The thing I love with this beach is that it has red and black sand and stones in parts of it and it literally looks like something out of a film. Seaham beaches and some other Northern ones are also famous for their discovery of sea glass which is basically a pretty marine pollutant. It is basically the process of glass being thrown into the sea and by the churning of the waves they come out slightly polished and more pebble like. The story goes that a family had a glass factory in the 1850's and when the factory closed down they chucked out all the glass in the sea and that is why there are so many glass stones. When wondering down the beach you will find many people who will be looking for them either for decorative purposes or jewellery making.

If you go further down you can go to the town center to a much busier beach and there you will find the local fish and chips to eat from and even some very cool dessert shops but at the moment we are trying to diet - kinda. This is my favourite kind of beach, peace and quiet if you ask me. All I want to hear are the waves and maybe my dog barking a bit too much at the odd person she sees.


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