Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Walk up to Durham Cathedral

Me and my partner have had company this week and its been a once in a lifetime kind of company. A family friend that I have not seen in 17 years (I sound so old now) finally managed to make his way up North and of course with time ticking there were only a few things we could go and see and I definitely think in Durham the best is Durham Cathedral. From outside it looks so amazing and the inside is just breathtaking.To think that once someone built this magnificent building and the history that lies within it just fascinates me.

We started off the morning by visiting a restaurant called Bills, which I had never noticed or heard off if I am being completely honest with you. I had English Breakfast accompanied by tea, of course and some very good company. The restaurant is quite cute inside for breakfast and has a very Italian, shabby chic theme going on which is not like anything I have seen in the area. The food does come quite gourmet and even the way each item is named it does appear to be a bit posher. I quite enjoyed my little breakfast however I can not wait to go back to work to burn off the calories that I have had the past nearly 2 weeks that I have been off.

A closer look at my makeup. 

For anyone who has not been to Durham Cathedral before, it is so worth the trip to Durham just to go see it. It is surrounded by Durham University students as their library is situated on the grounds and part of their college is, so there are always people around there.On your walk up to the Cathedral there are many restaurants,cafes and even a cupcake shop which I could not resist and will tell you later on about that. The entrance is free and you only pay if you want to see some extra parts of it, which as far as I am aware it is not worth it. You can have a walk around and even see the famous place were the scene from Harry Potter was shot (it was only like 3 minutes on the film but yeah claim to fame).  I love having a walk into the cathedral when I am there, lighting a candle and writing a little prayer note. Its just so silent and relaxing - its kinda like meditating whilst walking around.

On our way down from the cathedral, I had to stop in the cupcake shop and buy some just to take them home. We got salted caramel, red velvet, vanilla and ferrero rocher cupcake and the prices ranged from 2 to 3.00GBP each. We took them home and had them with a homemade cup of tea and they were so fresh and tasty. I wish I had bought more but I am also kind of glad I didn't. I hope you enjoyed the photographs and my written vlog.


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