Saturday, 21 January 2017

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream Review

One of the very true things about Elemis is that they really do smell like a Spa at Home as this range is called. I was a very lucky girl last month for my birthday as I received a hamper that had all my favourite brands in - including the one and only Elemis. Now Elemis, I discovered via my mother a long time ago who discovered it through QVC. I started to realise what a lovely brand it was through pinching my mams face cream and realising that my skin really did feel awesome afterwards. Their whole range in my opinion is a Spa at Home because they all have very relaxing aromas and although expensive their products work on your skin instantly just the way a facial would.

In my hamper I got the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream and it is 200ml which is full size. The cream smells very floral and I am really smelling jasmine in it. The luxurious body cream has been enriched with macadamia oil and lipid rich sesame oil to leave the skin deeply hydrated and silky smooth. I do not personally feel it left my skin deeply hydrated but I agree that it did leave it silky smooth. You are instructed to massage it in circular motions to cleansed and dried skin - morning and evening. I usually put it on before going out especially on my legs since I tend to suffer from dry legs and its even worse when I have shaved them.

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I found that overall it did not help with my sensitive skin problem or keep my skin hydrated long enough. It did leave my skin feeling silky smooth so I feel like its the kind of body lotion that you would place on your skin before going out especially during summer. Not only for the silky feel but for the beautiful scent it would leave on your skin afterwards. the texture of the cream is thick but when it is rubbed into your skin it is easily absorbed and does not leave any residue behind apart from the lovely distinctive scent.  Although this is lovely at this moment in time it is not what my skin is craving. Have you tried out this cream or any Elemis products?


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