Monday, 16 January 2017

Succulents are here to take over your House

Some of you maybe wondering what is a succulent and why do you need one? Don't worry, Glittermeup is here to help. Succulents are basically ''fat'' plants that appear thick and fleshy due to the fact that they retain water in arid climates and soil conditions. Plants such as aloe vera, cactus, haworthia cooperi, saguaro and many more are just some of the species that represent this category.

The great thing with these plants is that they need very little care, which in my world this is pretty much the closest I will get to gardening and I love it. You can place these literally everywhere and they will help brighten up the place and make it look a little bit more trendy. Try on top of your fireplace, kitchen window, bathroom or even bedrooms. If you actually google it on the internet you will find lots of different ways that people are using to decorate their houses with and they are way more creative than what I did.

If you are in the UK in shops such as TKmaxx you can find them in little glass hanging ornaments which are cute but they do not go with the style of my house so I had to pass. Now if you head over to Lidl you will find the most adorable succulents that are bang on trend and presented in bright rose gold pots. They are only 3.99GBP each and of course I could not resist. I have placed the two I have bought in my kitchen window and got the aloe vera which does not just look really nice but it also has healing properties. If you snap a ''leaf'' off you can squeeze out the aloe vera gel and place it on burns or on your skin as a moisturiser. From a beauty bloggers point of view, that is 2 in 1 - a beauty product and a house decoration. Hurry up and go down to your local Lidl to get some super trendy succulents.


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