Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I don't like Coffee however I would not mind a Cup o'Coffee

I was in Sunderland town the other day and I must say I was extremely impressed with the shops that the little shopping centre all I kept thinking to myself was why go to Metro Centre when I could just pop down to Sunderland which is not as busy and has everything I need. The shop that sealed the deal with me was Lush. I absolutely adore Lush and although it is very popular and has a lot of shops dotted around, I still feel it needs more - preferably closer to me. The girls in there were very friendly and the shop was quite quiet which I also loved because I hate trying to look at their tables when other people are trying or demos are getting done. I tell you one thing I could smell the shop before I seen it.

I cant remember were but I had seen somewhere this new coffee face and body mask being advertised and I thought to myself that looks like something I would love. Although I hate coffee, I do love the smell of it, I think its because it always reminds me of the little Greek shops that smell fresh coffee granules. I walked in I picked up a few bath bombs and then I came across this coffee mask and opened it and smelt it and fell instantly in love with it. The girl told me it is pretty much perfect for all skin types and it pretty much does everything. I was hoping she would be more specific with what ''everything'' meant but that is fine because I will be for you guys.

It says it is a face and body mask however keep in mind at the same time it is also a scrub. It has a thick consistency that feels when applied like honey - I was very tempted to eat it. What I did the first day was I applied it all over my face but when doing so, I was massaging it in my skin for some exfoliating action and then I left it. I have had the flu the past week and my skin gets so yucky and dry so I was crossing my fingers this would help revive it. I left it on for 15 minutes as stated by the tub and washed it off in circular motions. (Tip- Use a cleansing cloth or put it on when you are in the shower as its quite messy to try and take off neatly over your sink basin. Your best bet is to go in the shower or bath and just let it naturally come off with all the water.) My skin felt so happy afterwards I could tell because it was hydrated and super soft. I quickly applied my thick moisturiser and that my was my skin pampered. Now the next day, before going in the shower I applied it all over most of my body because coffee is actually also good for cellulite as the caffeine helps the blood circulation loads and therefore helps your skin appear even better. Exactly the same process I did but when applying it to my body I did do it over the bath tub because coffee tends to fall off and the last thing I want is a mess in my bathroom. I then simply jumped in the shower and washed it all off and didn't even feel the need to put some shower gel on because my skin was already cleansed and it just smelt of coffee which I loved.

This scrub/mask gets 5 stars from me and the only thing I regret is not buying the big tub in Lush. As soon as this tub is finished (which will be very soon) I will be buying the big tub and using it in my daily shower routine to help keep not just my face happy but my body also. Don't forget summer is around the corner!

Here is a sneak peak of my Haul!


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