Thursday, 12 January 2017

A bit of me time at Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall is a local 5 star hotel and Spa that many celebrities actually stay at whilst doing their concerts or even footballers do their training. They have a spa inside that is called the Serenity Spa and it does usually use products by Elemis however this time they have changed it over and they were using a brand called Sundari which is very alike however nowhere near the quality of Elemis in my opinion.

Upon arrival you are greeted with some tea or water whilst you fill out your medical and skin conditions and then you do a tour of the spa. You each get a random locker that contains inside your slippers, dressing gown and you can get a towel from one of the shelves. Once changed you are fre to enter the Spa and use its facilities. You can get treatments done however they are at an extra price and you normally have to pre-book them via their website. They are much more expensive than a normal beauty salon however they are Asian inspired and different and even though we wanted to both get something done we could not understand the vague descriptions on their website and decided to give it a miss.

The Serenity Spa contains an outdoor Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, hydro therapy pool , sauna, hammam ,steam room and a small ice water pool for the brave. We were entitled to roughly 4 hours in there however we only stayed for an 1 hour and half because if you are not getting a treatment it does tend to get a bit boring. After all there is only so long someone can sit in a sauna or a pool - company is definitely something that would allow you to stay longer. Spread around the Spa there are some jugs that contain lemon infused water or plain water for you to help yourself with. Although two of the rooms smelt beautifully the other rooms did not seem to have any oil in or someone forgot to top it up? The hammam room is usually my favourite but this time the sauna won by far.

Once finished with the spa you can go and take a shower in the changing rooms were they have shampoo and conditioner for you ready to use. When Elemis was there you got a separate shampoo , conditioner and shower gel with this new brand however they only had shampoo and showergel combined together and some conditioner separate. As a beauty blogger I hate the idea of a 2 in 1 product so I just found that very disappointing especially from a 5 star Spa. Once you have showered you can dry your hair, get changed and go to the restaurant.

The restaurant is called Ozone and it is an Asian cuisine that serves you gourmet food. We got a three course meal - pork skewers, chicken pad thai and coconut rice pudding. The food was beautiful, the only really let down was the desserts menu. Last time they had options such as eaton mess to choose from where as this time it was very Asian so it was things such as fried pineapple or banana spring rolls.

It was a great night relaxing do not get me wrong however this is quite far away from were I live and now a spa has opened literally 5 minutes from my house and with all the changes I seen on my current visit, I just don't know whether it is worth it anymore. Seaham Hall if you are reading, please bring back Elemis!!!


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