Saturday, 14 January 2017

Yankee Candle on Auto Delivery ? Yes Please.

Although QVC I feel does not always appeal to a younger audience there are a couple of brands that every age group loves and one of them being Yankee Candle. If you are like me and can not stop buying candles, then I might possibly have an offer for you that will make your life easier and a bit cheaper. The other day QVC had a TSV running were you got 3 large jars of Yankee Candle Pure Essence and an illuma lid only for 44.00GBP incl delivery. Now that the TSV is over they are back to 56.00GBP incl delivery which is still worth it considering the three fragrances you get are brand new and the lid is also included in your pack. There is an auto delivery option that they have added which means that every 90 days you will be charged the same amount again and receive another 3 jars which will be different and pretty much themed to the season we are currently in.

The fresh fragrance wild mint and the floral fragrances of cherry blossom and linden tree. I was lucky enough to get a silver illuma lid which matches my living room perfect. The lids are randomly placed in so you could get a gold, silver or a rose gold - it is down to luck I am afraid. The illuma lid for anyone who does not know, helps you get more out of your candle by encouraging it to burn straight helping all the fragrance release into your room. 

The future fragrances that will be available on auto delivery and are not on sale yet either by the way are going to be as shown on the screen shot above. If you and a friend by one each you could swap things around if you do not like something and they do or even keep the ones that you do not like for gifts. I honestly do not feel like it will be a problem because all the fragrances seem to have been carefully selected so that they not that bold and more likeable by a wider audience. The reason I selected auto delivery also was because I knew that it would stop me from worrying about buying candles all year around and I was getting new quality fragrances at a fantastic price. I wish QVC did have better P&P prices not just for the UK but for abroad cause I can think of many people I could have bought this for. 


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