Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentines Day Picks by Love Moschino

Are you wondering how to dress it up for Valentines Day? Don't worry girl - Love Moschino has you sorted. If you have not already noticed, Love Moschino has the most romantic themed clothing desigs out there and today I have picked the best four for you to take a look at.

1. This black t-shirt with red ribbons is such a cute Valentines Day statement and it has the most beautiful sweetheart cut on the sleeves also that help make it a little bit more flirty.

2. A grey little dress with pink hearts perfect with a pair of white or pink converse.

3. A jumper dress for the at home date. Pair it with leggings or tights and ugg boots and you really can not go wrong.

4. This is the t-shirt version of the jumper dress which is also great for a girl who does not want to wear a dress and wants a more relaxed look. The catchphrase alone has you ready for Valentines Day.

So what did you girls think? My favourite would definitely be number 2 with a pair of pink converse. If you want to see some more  Accessories then please check out Spartoo.


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