Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Gift Guide - Valentines Day Gifts for Her

I am sorry guys that I have not posted on my blog for a couple of days. The truth is my granddad in Greece passed away and I just needed a moment off social media to kind of recover from it. I want to continue the Valentines Day Edit since it is now only 14 days away - its crazy how quick this year is going by. In my last blog we talked about things to buy for him, if you did not see it then just click HERE and it pretty much covers everything beauty themed that I recommend you buy for him. Today we are going to talk about beauty gifts for her that she will definitely love, IF she knows her beauty well.

The Eyeshadow Fanatic

This Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette is all over Instagram in these super glamorous videos that create the most beautiful eye looks. It is the new Urban Decay palette, trust me. I mean look at them glitter eyeshadows that go perfect with the matt ones. They have all the colours that you could possibly need to create a natural everyday look and a glamorous night out look.

The Lip Enthusiastic

These lip balms are as natural as it gets and they are created in Greece by the amazing brand Korres. They have a clear coloured lip balm with and without SPF and some tinted ones which are my favourite. The tinted ones are great for the girl who likes to have a bit of colour on her face without too much makeup on. I wear my pink one everyday for work.

The Moisturizing Queen

La Mer the number one face moisturizer used by all celebrities. If her skincare is on point you really need to buy her this. A more expensive gift that is worth every penny and if you don't believe me check out the reviews on the internet.

The Bath Time Enthusiast

You can not go wrong with Lush no matter which woman you are buying for. Just walk into the shop and pick up one of their pre made ready gift wrapped gifts or just anything you think she will like the smell off. Lush will give you one of their lovely paper bags and all you need to do is add some cute tissue paper and a bow and you are ready to go.

I hope this guide has helped you men or women out and I really hope that she really enjoys what you buy her. Let me know what you are planning on buying her or what you have bought her and what she thought. Good luck and Happy Valentines Day fellow readers.



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