Thursday, 23 February 2017

That Yellow RuffleTop

On Saturday I went out for my friends birthday and wore this stunning yellow ruffle top that I wanted to share with you. The problem I had was that since I do not go out that often, I did not want to buy a dress that I won't wear for another 3 month cause I have an issue with wearing the same clothes on a special occasion - I know its not good! I wanted to wear some jeans with some high heeled ankle boots and a nice going out top.

So I was a woman on a mission last week trying to find a top that would look formal but could also be dressed down so that I could wear it on another casual day. I came across this top on Next that I instantly fell in love with the colour because it brought a taste of summer with its bright yellow colour. It was a nice stretchy jumper that was tight fitting and had ruffles along the top. I bought a nice choker like necklace that was silver and boom - outfit sorted.

What do you girls thinks of it? If you are wondering where I bought it from the check out the link HERE from Next UK and best thing about it is that it was mega cheap!


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