Friday, 7 July 2017

Discovering Korres New Olive Range

When I was recently over Greece I went to my local favourite pharmacy that I always used to shop at when I lived over there to go and stock up on some Greek beauty products that I have a hard time finding over in the UK. Last time I seen Korres products I kind of felt let down by them since it always seemed to be the usual on sale all the time and whilst other Greek brands were experimenting with more ingredients it was almost like Korres wasn't. I was over the moon to see that in the past two years Korres has come up with new a new ranges one of them being the body sprays that are like perfumes and smell divine, the saffron serum (which I will talk about in another post) and of course the olive range.

I know, a lot of you might be thinking yeah but Elpitha surely it stinks. It actually doesn't. It has this beautiful oil aroma that smells better than shampoo on your hair , better than your face cream and your body lotion. I originally went in the pharmacy and spent a lot of money however after I had left the shop I could not stop thinking about this olive range and what really stuck with me was their 3 in 1 nourishing oil that is for your face, skin and your hair. So as you probably guessed, I went back a few days later and bought this oil which costs roughly 30-20 euros. I know, its a bit expensive but don't forget its a 3 in 1.

Let me start with the packaging- the design I think is pretty spot on Greek vintage and goes perfect with the olive theme. I love how the actual bottle is glass rather than plastic, ill tell you why I love that. Oils should always be stored in glass to keep them at their best and I'm glad they decided a glass bottle instead of a plastic one. For your face I would say it works well on all skin types, yes oily as well. Korres has some instructions on the bottle that tells you to mix it in with your face cream or serum to create a night time kind of face cream. I personally put two drops on my hand and rub it all over my face and let my skin absorb it in. I wouldn't put it on underneath makeup however what you could do is use it as a natural highlighter or lipgloss. If you are placing It on your body, I would definitely recommend for your legs especially during summer now that we are all wearing shorts or dresses to make them look slimmer. I mean you could even highlight your bones to make them stand out  more to create a natural , makeup free contour look on your body. On my hair I use the oil after I have had a shower on the ends only a few drops and let it dry naturally. If you want to try something different one day when you are free apply it all over your hair like a hair mask and then rinse it out well and you will have the shiniest hair!

I think overall when you get a 3 in 1 product that is an oil the possibilities are endless and you definitely get your moneys worth out of it. The great thing is, you only need two drops so the bottle is going to last you a while. I did ask the pharmacist to give me some samples of the olive range but sadly she didn't have any. I did have a quick smell of them and what I really liked was the hair range and the showergels, which hopefully one day I will get a chance to try them out.

If you live in Greece pop to your local pharmacy and try out the oil and smell it because they are bound to have a tester of it if not then try and see if you have a local supplier in your country that you could maybe try it before you buy it. Its definitely a range worth checking out and lets not forget that Ancient Greek women and modern day Greek women are known for their long, shiny, healthy hair.

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