Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hi Peach Fox Skincare !

I was contacted a while back to try out any two products from the Peachy Fox range and let them know my thoughts. Peachy Fox is a brand that loves animals (so no animal testing) and is a natural and organic brand that is created in Britain! I love animals and I hate the way we still test on animals and although I do try my best to opt for not tested product, I do still find it hard but the good news is lots of companies are changing their policy and I am happy to know Peachy Fox has always had this policy.

Now the two products I picked from their Amazon store was the Anti Redness Facial Cream that helps calm the appearance of redness so this is perfect for sensitive skin and their Marine Collagen Eye Gel that reduces dark circles and gives the appearance of youthful looking eyes. The packaging is clean and simple as the brand itself states they are on their website and I quite like this look because it makes it easy for the consumer to read about the product and follow the instructions. Sometimes companies overload their packaging and make things more confusing, Peach Fox hasn't.

The facial cream once applied gives your skin a refreshed feeling almost soothing and then quickly tightens it up in a good way. Although it is a cream it seems suitable for all skin types as there is no oily residue left behind and it would quite easily work well underneath makeup. This would be a lovely cream to apply after a facial as right now that I am wearing it my skin feels so good and all I have done is applied this cream.

The eye cream once patted on to your eye area once again gives a tightened like feeling and soothes the area. The cream does not flake, something a lot of eye creams tend to do. It is quickly absorbed by your skin and it makes your eyes feel awakened. This is perfect for on the go or for any of you early morning birds that work long shifts - this is a must.

Overall I must say I am very impressed with the results and the combination of these two products makes me confidently feel like I would need these with me in my bag for when my skin is feeling stressed or tired. To check out more about Peachy Fox please click this link HERE.

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