About the Blogger

A Greek - British blogger who has studied Makeup and Skincare Treatments but also Fashion Design and Dress making. Since she was young she always enjoyed the idea of finding that product that really does work and gives you that perfect look. Finding different makeup designs to keep up with trends and of course always trying to be one step ahead of new skincare methods to help improve her skin and her readers. Fashion was something that captivated her from a young age also, especially designer brands. Glittermeup has been running since 2010 and plans to grow bigger and become better. Elpitha has experimented with Youtube videos but due to commitments she could not continue creating them as she had hoped. This blog has not just been created to help promote brands but to also help promote charities and has donated plenty of times. Readers are expected to have fun reading but every now and then to be inspired to live a positive lifestyle filled with love and peace.