Contact PR/Charity/Readers

Contact for PR purposes
I would like to begin by mentioning that even though my blog is in English, I am based in the UK however can also have items posted to my Greek address which I visit very frequently.

I will accept beauty products for review as well as fashion garments.

If I feel the quality is poor, I will inform my readers about this but of course with a very discreet review.

Please do not sign me up for newsletters for your company without asking me, pretty please.

I do not just blog about fashion and beauty, I also blog about lifestyle.

For my UK/Greek address please contact

Contact for Funding purposes
I am currently looking to work with a charity that I can try to raise some money for that will go to a good cause.

I would preferably like to support a charity here in Greece for stray animals (since I see this problem everyday and would like to really put a stop to this).

Please do not be put off, if you do not fit into this category send me your details at

Contact for readers
Why keep things formal, when we can be great friends! If you have any feedback, requests or anything else email me at my personal email address

I promise to reply back to you unless it goes into junk! (Which I barely check)